Dania Beach community “tired of it” after $5K-$12K HOA special assessment

Residents of the Oakbridge neighborhood in Dania Beach are facing growing discontent due to actions taken by the Homeowners Association (HOA) board. Tensions ran high during a recent HOA board meeting where residents voiced their frustrations. The current board has been accused of mishandling finances, particularly with regards to insurance assessments. These assessments have resulted in significant financial burdens for residents, totaling over $5,000 per home, and there are plans to assess the entire community for roof replacements despite intending to replace only half. Residents have expressed concern about the lack of accountability and transparency in the board’s decisions, citing the absence of elected representatives and the appointment of boards. The residents are calling for new leadership, open and fair elections, and a say in who represents them on the board. However, despite raising their concerns during the meeting, residents feel unheard and unsupported, as both the HOA attorney and property management company declined to comment on the situation.



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