Florida bill banning delta-8 ready for DeSantis

A bill in Florida, SB1698, is awaiting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signature, aiming to ban delta-8 products and potentially impact other hemp-derived products. Business owners fear this bill could devastate Florida’s hemp industry, jeopardizing thousands of jobs and affecting consumers who rely on hemp products for health benefits. Rep. Tommy Gregory, the bill’s sponsor, argues that hemp products are intoxicating and are primarily driven by profit. However, opponents highlight stories like Tracy Thaxton Berg, whose daughter relies on hemp oil to manage epilepsy without side effects. Critics of the bill argue it unfairly targets the hemp industry and could push consumers towards the black market or medical marijuana. The bill’s supporters advocate for tighter regulation, including capping delta-9 THC levels, while opponents view it as favoring the medical marijuana industry. The debate unfolds against the backdrop of potential recreational marijuana legalization in Florida.



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