Hurricane Protection Grant Program Reopens for Applications

Hurricane as seen from space

You can once again apply for a grant program that funds up to $10,000 worth of upgrades to strengthen your home against hurricanes.

Why It Matters

Hurricanes are nature’s largest and costliest storms. The My Safe Florida Home program offers residents the means to safeguard their homes, which can, in turn, lower their insurance bills.

How It Works

The program staggers its application process to prioritize those who need it most.

  • Low-income seniors: Eligible to apply through July 15.
  • All other low-income homeowners: Can apply from July 16 to July 30.
  • Moderate-income individuals: Can apply afterward, with seniors up first from July 31 to August 14.

The portal will remain open until all funds are exhausted.

This program provides a valuable opportunity for homeowners to reinforce their homes against the devastating impacts of hurricanes, enhancing both safety and financial security.

You can apply online here.


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