Report: Popular Florida Buffet Restaurant Chain Closing Permanently

Restaurants in Florida were given the green light to begin reopening this week. But the San Diego Tribute reports there’s one that is calling it a day and they are all over Florida: Sweet Tomatoes.

The company actually got its start in California as “Souplantation.” The expanded to Florida in 1990 as Sweet Tomatoes. They had several locations here in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, Largo, Brandon, and Palm Harbor. The restaurant offered an endless buffet with salads, pasta, soup, pizza, baked potato and soft service ice cream.

The report says the company was already seeing a big drop in revenue years before COVID-19. But the spread of coronavirus appears to be the lethal blow. One analyst said the new standards and regulations would make it impossible for the restaurant to operate, saying these type of restaurants “do not fit into the new reality.” [Source: San Diego Tribune]



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