A ‘Massive’ Bubble In The Housing Market Has Developed, And It ‘Is About To Pop,’

A real estate executive, Nick Gerli, has raised concerns about a potential housing bubble in the American South, driven by a surge in new home construction amid cooling demand. He highlights a record-high inventory of nearly 300,000 new homes for sale, surpassing previous bubble peaks. Gerli argues that home prices in states like Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida are overvalued by 30% compared to long-term norms, exacerbated by pandemic-driven remote work trends and subsequent decreased demand. Metrics like the “Months of Supply” nearing nine months suggest an imminent market correction, reminiscent of conditions before the 2008 crash. Despite differing opinions among experts, Gerli warns of a looming downturn fueled by speculative buying and economic uncertainties in the region’s construction-dependent economy.



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