BurgerFi Partners with Reef Kitchen

BurgerFi has partnered with Reef Kitchen to use underutilized urban spaces like parking lots and places mobile kitchens, also called “ghost kitchens” in neighborhoods to prepare their exact foods.

“We license the brand so we have all of the recipes, all of the procedures everything like that and they work with us on that. They train us and coach us and our employees in the kitchen vessels cooking. So when you go to UberEats or GrubHub and you order BurgerFi chances the food will be made at Reef,” explained Carl Segal, CEO of Reef.

BurgerFi is a South Florida based restaurant chain, with 125 restaurants in 20 states. They partnered with Reef in April.

“So our partnership with Reef allows us to enhance our customer experience.
Reef allowed us to reach a whole new audience in the Downtown Miami market that previously was untapped for BurgerFi,” said Charles Guzzetta, President of BurgerFi.

He said when someone orders BurgerFi on an App, they are getting an authentic BurgerFi burger from a Reef mobile vessel.

“Reef is working with us and our culinary to team and our training team to serve exactly the same all-natural burger products that our customers have known to love at BurgerFi restaurants, right from the Reef Kitchen vessels,” said Guzzetta.

Right now Reef is operating in Brickell, Wynwood, Kendall, and Fort Lauderdale, hiring locally.



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