Chef Max Santiago Sets to Open Up New Donut Shop in Davie, Fl: The Sweet Alchemy Confectionery

Chef Max Santiago, Formerly from The Salty Donut, sets to open up a new donut shop in Davie Florida called Sweet Alchemy Confectionery. Chef Max has been known as one of the best donut chefs in the world, consulting in Dubai, Tim Horton’s in Canada, and other shops in America.

Chef Max became known from the Salty Donut in Miami, where he developed a new style of artisanal doughnuts that has attracted people across the world. One of his well known doughnut is the tres leches donut, which became a huge hit.

After leaving the Salty Donut, he consulted other donut shops in the world including Canada’s Tim Horton, which is the largest coffee and pastry shop in Canada.

In 2019, he helped start a cookie shop called Batch Cookie Co, where again he revolutionized another dessert item: the cookie. Gigantic artisinal cookies from Chocolate Chip Cookies, PB&J, funfetti, and more.

Finally in 2020, he decided to partner up with Flashback Diner and open up a Donut Shop, called Sweet Alchemy Confectionery, which is set to open in July 2020. Not only they’ll be selling doughnuts, but also homemade ice cream.

Chef Max Santiago
There’s a brand new bakery opening up right next to Flashback Diner right here in Davie. It’s going to be almost 5000 square feet. It’s gonna have of course doughnuts, all things dough. Croissants, a cronut, sticky buns. We’re gonna have all types of homemade ice creams as well. The whole store has a theme of like alchemist Harry Potter kind of a feel. We got a banana fritter, almond streusel, and we’ve got these sweet plantain chips from Chifles. This one over here. It’s kind of like what I’m calling the Davie breakfast. It’s our pb&j and we’ve got my tiramisu donut, this thing is very much treated like an actual tiramisu, our vanilla scented buttermilk glazed donut we call it the OG. It’s called Sweet Alchemy Confectionery. So you can look us up that way. Stay tuned, it’ll be definitely mid July to late July. I want to make this shop a destination shop for everyone around the country or even the world, heck, to come try the the doughnuts or the desserts that I make.

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