Florida pharmacists to be allowed to issue COVID-19 tests, DeSantis says – Tampa Bay Times

With less than a week left before the expiration of his executive order that shut down the state, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday said he would expand the opportunities for people to obtain COVID-19 tests by allowing pharmacists to administer them and 200 National Guard medics to test residents and staff in elder care facilities.

But as the governor works to understand the extent to which the highly contagious disease caused by the novel coronavirus is prevalent in communities, he left many details unanswered about what’s ahead for testing.

DeSantis said he was inclined to allow asymptomatic people to obtain tests but the rules were still being worked out.

If you are not symptomatic but you think you may have been exposed — maybe someone you know or maybe you were just in an environment and you figured out that there may have been an outbreak somewhere — we want those people to be able to go in and get tested,’’ DeSantis said at a press conference at the Capitol. “Because that is really going to help us identify how much this disease has spread in different areas.”

The governor said he was still working out rules related to how many tests would be available at pharmacies and who will be allowed to be tested there.

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