Philadelphia woman bought a Brazilian butt lift with COVID relief funds stolen from Florida

Ashley Stibbins-Parker, a Philadelphia woman, has been charged with fraud, money laundering, and grand theft exceeding $100,000 in Florida. She allegedly obtained a $184,000 COVID-19 relief check meant for the City of Weston, Florida, which never reached its intended destination. Instead, she opened a Bank of America account in Georgia under the name “City of Weston LLC” and deposited the funds there. Stibbins-Parker reportedly used the money for luxury purchases, including a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, as well as transfers to other individuals and businesses. The expenditures included transactions to a woman in Snellville, Georgia, and a property development company in Orlando, Florida. She also made purchases at high-end stores and covered expenses such as plane tickets and hotel stays. Stibbins-Parker has pleaded not guilty and awaits a jury trial.



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